Welcome to Gazamo

Imagination Crafted.

Look Back

Gazamo began because of Minecraft, a crazy game that allowed the expression of creativity for anyone and everyone.
In March 2011 we started up a Minecraft server for a few friends and after a couple of weeks we made the server public. Quickly realizing that to sustain this server we needed something more than just an idea we quickly began to form a method of monetization to keep us going. This took root very quickly and our humble game server turned into a start-up that would lead us in several directions through the Internet world.

Look Now

Quality services, innovation and creativity are always words that come to mind and we use daily but really it’s all about the user.

Our Minecraft servers, YouTube videos and Server hosting has made people happy for a long time and really that’s what it’s all about, be it one guy playing and enjoying our server or a person taking inspiration from a video.

This is what really matters to us, and for as long as we maintain this idea then we will always thrive.

Look Forward

Gazamo will continue to develop and launch internet services for as many users to enjoy as possible. Our biggest ambition is to start developing game related software’s, applications and games themselves. We believe strongly in social enterprise and strive to create as much opportunity as possible for those who share the same ideologies as we do.
We always have ideas and creations and are always thinking / developing, keeping up with us is the trick. For the most part, our future is all about us continuing to do what we love to do, our way