Welcome to Gazamo

never stop creating

Look Back

Gazamo began because of Minecraft. A crazy little game that lets us explore our creativity.

In March 2011 we started up a Minecraft server for a few friends and after a couple of weeks we made the server public. We found a way to monetise the server to keep it going, and pretty quickly it became popular. From these small beginnings we set out to explore the possibilities of the internet.

Look Now

Quality, customer service and innovation are our watchwords. But really it is all about the user.


Our Minecraft servers, YouTube videos and Server Hosting services  have made a lot of people happy -and really that’s what it’s all about.  Be it a single player or a whole group taking  inspiration from a video, we aim to keep on surprising and delighting our users.

Look Forward

Gazamo will continue to develop and launch internet services for as many users to enjoy as possible. Our ambition is to develop game related software, applications and games themselves. We believe strongly in social enterprise and strive to create as much opportunity as possible for those who share the same ideals that we do.

Our future lies in continuing to do what we do well. Never stop creating.