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  • Build Battles Return!

    Build battles is back, finally after a very long time. We knew how much you folk loved this series and we did too, such with the addition of Proxy to the team, it seemed like the right time. Who wins? You decide, leave a comment on the video to make your vote. We also need

  • Welcome to

    Welcome to the revamped Keep up with everything that we do and take part in, follow our progression as a company and keep up to date with our latest projects and creations. You’ll find that the forums are now under and that section of the website will be reserved for global content and

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  • New Site for Full Effect

    To celebrate the launch we’ve got a temporary discount on our services!

  • FEH Pocket Edition

    Currently testing how Pocket Edition servers work with out system. Seems to be working nicely. — Full Effect Hosting (@fulleffecthost) April 23, 2014

  • Beta Testing Super-Sized MC

    Testing has begun for one of our latest projects, super-sized mc. The community from our RPG server, A’therys logged into play a game of Super-Sized Survival the first addition to the Super-Sized MC server. A traditional survival games minigame with a few unique twists such as carepackesgs players can call down form the skies, time

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Qhul Rahav

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Full Effect Hosting

The latest addition to Gazamo, a Minecraft server hosting company. For three years we have built and run Minecraft servers, so it was...




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